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Version 1.5

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Version 1.5
Version Date:
06 April 2016
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v1.5 on the official forums

Newly added[edit | edit source]

  • Rise of Dragons!
    • All players will get a Dragon Egg which appears below their castle.
    • The Dragon will go through the egg and youth phase before growing large enough to help players in battle!
    • The more you feed your dragon, the more damage it will do.
    • Dragons attack all enemies and structures on an entire castle floor.
  • Magic Beanstalk
    • Players can now plant and grow a Magic Beanstalk. When it’s big enough, Workers can climb the beanstalk to search for treasure.
    • Players will pick from three missions for their worker to carry out, and each mission has different rewards
  • Brand New Heroes
    • All new Epic level heroes will be joining us in the Monster Lands!
  • Alliance Video Recording
    • After an Alliance battle concludes, players will get the video of all of their failed defense battles. They will be given playback, share, and report functionality.
  • Internal Alliance Battles
    • Players can start battles within the Alliance Chat window. Fellow alliance members can accept the request and attack the player who sent the battle request.
    • The player that accepts the request will not lose any troops, Hero HP, or Mana. The defender won’t lose any resources.
  • New Leaderboards
    • Three new leaderboards: “Country Alliance Leaderboard,” “Country Champion Leaderboard,” and "Hotshot Leaderboard"
    • Within each country (dependent on flag chosen by alliance), Alliances will be ranked according to Medal Count. This will be updated in real time.
    • The “Country Champion” leaderboard will be comprised of the Top1 player from each country. This leaderboard will refresh once per week.
    • With the new country specific leaderboards, players will now only be able to change their flag once.
    • The Hotshot Leaderboard features new players that have gotten tons of medals while still at lower levels.
  • Sam’s Treasure – Heroes Only!
    • Players can only use heroes to attack Sam’s Castle
    • Players can use the Dragon, Magic, Heroes and consumables, but they can’t use troops
  • Other
    • Five new background themes for sale
    • Each fight in an Alliance Battle will display the amount of Bloodstones, Points, and Alliance Contribution you can get if you win the battle.

Extended Content[edit | edit source]

  • Thirty Brand New Campaign Levels!
    • Chase Sam down in brand new PVE levels.
  • Level 20 Throne Unlocked
    • With the new Throne level cap also comes new structure level caps, plus a brand new structure: the Dragon Tower!
  • Alliance Battle Points Rewards
    • After one week of Tourneys end, all players in alliances that got enough Tourney Points that week will get rewards.
    • The more points your alliance gets, the more Hero Shards and Bloodstones you can get.
    • New daily mission that gives double rewards on the first three PvP battles per day!

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Blocked Alliances will receive a notice after being blocked.
  • Announcement text will now display in an easier to read format.
  • New chat character limit is now 120 characters.
  • Minimum number of alliance members needed to start an Alliance War now set to three.
  • Matching for Alliance Battles will now take a maximum of one hour. The longer you wait, the greater possibility of uneven matchmaking.
  • Fixed the problem with unresponsive buttons in the Battle Resources interface
  • Fixed the bug caused by Heroes with passive HP restoring skills that cause enemy units to attack nothing.