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There are 36 achievements currently available in Monster Castle.

List of achievements[edit | edit source]

Name Description Rewards
Decorated Warrior 1 Earn 200 Medals 25 Crystals
Domination 1 Defeat all rivals in conquest war for 1 times. 10 Crystals
Gold Rusher 1 Plunder 80000 gold coins from other players. 10 Crystals
Gold Storage 1 Upgrade a treasury to Level 2 10 Crystals
Impregnable Defence 1 Earn 30 stars from Campaign stage 10 Crystals
Invincible Havoc-Wrecker Achieve 10 100% attack victories 10 Crystals
Make Friends 1 Unlock Gnoll from Training Room 10 Crystals
Making Moves 1 Upgrade Throne to Level 5 10 Crystals
Offensive Master 1 Achieve 20 attack victories 10 Crystals
Questing Adventurer 1 Complete 3 Daily quests 10 Crystals
Wino 1 Steal 80000 units of wine from other players. 10 Crystals